Can I Learn Loans Taken From Someone Else

Of course, it is possible for consumers to question whether there is a loan arising from a loan drawn on their behalf by various methods, but in some cases, loans belonging to different individuals may also be questioned.

Although it is not possible to obtain direct information in such cases, it is possible to understand whether or not credit has been made by alternative methods. In this context, it would be beneficial to enlighten some points for those who ask if I can learn the credits of someone else.

Querying Another Person’s Credit Report


Thanks to Good Finance, it is possible to learn both your own credit rating and some credit details of the people you are likely to be in a commercial relationship. In this context, it is necessary to know how to query for other people.

For other people, that is, the person will need to obtain the permission of the person in order to inquire about the credit rating for any other person. It is not possible to inquire Good Finance credit rating without obtaining approval from other people.

How to Get Approval?


There are two different things that consumers who want to question the credit rating of different people can do. The first method is to provide the credit report of the person whose credit score is to be questioned on his behalf through Good Finance and add the TCKN information of the person who wants to see this report among the people to be shared by entering the sharing settings.

The other and easier method is to enter the verification code in the SMS sent to the mobile phone of the person whose credit score will be questioned by Good Finance, by the person who wants to query someone else’s credit rating.

In order to obtain the Good Finance credit report, TCKN requests the verification code in the SMS sent to the mobile phone identified to this TC identity number. If these two information are shared, it is possible to question the credit report of different people.

Should the other person be a member?

In order to make a Good Finance credit report inquiry, the person concerned does not have to have previously registered with Good Finance or have made a credit report inquiry. Even if a credit report query is made for the first time, this transaction can be done only with the TCKN and GSM numbers.


Good Finance credit report inquiry is chargeable and it is not possible for people to obtain a credit report without paying this fee. For this reason, even if a different person’s credit report is questioned, the 10 TL report inquiry fee must be paid to Good Finance online.

What Information is Included in the Report

In the loan report provided, the loans used in the previous periods, the loans that are active and whose debt is ongoing, the use of credit cards and the current debt status of these cards, credit score, check, etc. access to all kinds of financial information can be provided. People will see all this information in the report in a very legible and understandable way.

Can I Learn My Wife’s Debt?

Can I Learn My Wife

It is not possible to access information about credit payments without your consent and without sharing the verification code included in the SMS sent to your mobile phone even if your spouse is your spouse.

However, very rarely, if the court rules this, it is possible to remove the debts of the spouse. This is often possible in cases of divorce, inheritance or similar. Under normal circumstances, the request may be rejected if the court is applied for information only.

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