A window into Brisbane history and a welcoming cathedral community


“YOU read it from the bottom up and it tells a story,” said Barbara Reynolds-Hutchinson, Chair of Cathedral Guides and Hospitality, pointing to the stained glass window of St Stephen’s journey to Heaven.

The Window, a 1999 work by Australian artist Lance Feeney, illuminates St. Stephen’s Chapel, which stands next to his larger and younger sister within the grounds of Brisbane Cathedral.

Read correctly, the window tells the story of Saint Stephen – he looked after widows and orphans, preached the Gospel, was stoned and entered heaven.

If you look closely, said Dr Reynolds-Hutchinson, you can see next to St Stephen were the two Oceanian martyrs – Blessed Peter To Rot and St Peter Chanel.

Above them, among the vines of paradise, is the ancient ridge of the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Jesus stands in the center of the window in glory holding the Gospel.

The window was one of the many works of art that cathedral guides and hosts learned as part of their training to take tours in the cathedral grounds.

Fellow guide and host David Todd said that after his retirement he found himself missing the camaraderie and feeling of being part of a team that working life has brought.

He said joining the guides and cathedral hosts had helped him regain that lost sense of community.

Anyone, he said, such as teachers who might be retiring at Christmas or anyone with free time and a strong desire for community should get involved.

“It’s awesome – you learn so much and the people are really lovely,” he said.

The Cathedral Guides and Hosts are organizing an Information Day on Saturday 27 November starting at 10 a.m. in the Hanley Hall next to the Cathedral.

Anyone interested in coming can register with Carmel Devery at the Cathedral secretariat on 07 3324 3006 or by email at [email protected]

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