Birmingham Roman Catholic Church “sorry” for jailed “sadist” priest Joseph Quigley


The Birmingham Catholic Church has called deplorable the crimes of the evil priest, Father Joseph Quigley – the sexual sadist who forced his young victim to suck on bitter paracetamol as punishment.

And the Archdiocese has apologized for the suffering caused by crooked Quigley at St Charles Borromeo RC Church, near Warwick.

The depravity inflicted by Quigley, 56 – sentenced to 11 years last Friday – borders on beggars’ belief. Protected by his dog collar, the clerk:

  • BEAT the boy with a throwing stick;
  • locked him in a dark and damp crypt as a “sadomasochistic” punishment;
  • FORCED him to wear a gym kit, then massaged his thighs.

Quigley, of Stone, Staffordshire, was exposed when his victim – in the throes of nightmares from the ordeal – sought help from a counselor in 2017.

The therapist contacted the police.

On the outside, “Father Joe” was seen as a savior, a man doing God’s work. Behind closed doors he was a sinner with sewer urges that would make any non-religious worker sick.

And, shockingly, it emerged that Quigley was once a national educational adviser for Catholic schools.

This week, the Diocese of Birmingham called his crimes “unacceptable”.

A spokesperson said: “There is no excuse for any type of abuse and the Archdiocese apologizes for the suffering it has caused.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have suffered and we again recognize their courage to come forward to provide proof.”

She added: “We cannot change the past, but if there have been failures, we must identify them and learn from them so that they do not happen again.

“Joseph Quigley will now face disciplinary proceedings from the church that will address the seriousness of his offenses. The Archdiocese is committed to applying best practices in safeguarding, providing a compassionate response to victims / survivors of abuse.

“The Archdiocese will always fully cooperate with statutory authorities to investigate and prosecute allegations of crimes. “

Following a trial at Warwick Crown Court in December, Quigley was convicted of a series of offenses.

He denied them, but a jury took less than four hours to render a verdict. Sentencing him last week, Judge Peter Cooke called the priest a “sexual sadist and voyeur.”

Prosecutor Adrian Langdale QC said: “He was a Catholic priest, in a position of power and trust in relation to the plaintiff.

“The abuse took two forms. First, it was overtly sexual in nature, like touching and massaging the young complainant’s legs up to and around her groin.

“There were other acts that looked more like punishment of a sadomasochistic nature, like hitting boys with spear sticks or locking boys in the church crypt.”

He added revealingly: “It will seem extraordinary that a person’s religious beliefs can blind them to what was wrong, but that’s why Father Joe, as he was called, was able to get away with the abuse for so long. “

The case against Quigley involved a victim, a teenage girl at the time, but there was another key witness who had also been abused.

The Archdiocese of Birmingham added: “Anyone who has suffered or may suffer abuse is encouraged to report the matter to the police by calling 101 and, where appropriate, the Archdiocese of Birmingham on 0121 230 6240 or by email: backuping @ rcaob. ”.

After the conviction, investigating officer Det Sgt Abigail Simpson of Warwickshire Police said: “I welcome the sentence and hope it sends a strong message to other child sex abusers that we will always thoroughly investigate child sexual offenses and do everything in our power. to bring offenders to justice, regardless of when the offenses occurred.

“Fortunately, Quigley is now behind bars and paying the price for his reprehensible crimes against a vulnerable child.

“The victim, in this case, showed immense bravery in revealing what happened to him, and I hope that sentence offers some comfort and closure.

“I urge anyone who has been sexually abused to come forward and report it to us, regardless of when the abuse occurred. We will always investigate crimes of this nature and are committed to ensuring that victims have the support they need to help them. ”

Tamina Greaves, senior prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “As a priest, Joseph Quigley used his position to commit depraved offenses against the victim who trusted and respected him, and he abused that trust.

“The CPS built a compelling case against Mr. Quigley which included testimony and documentary evidence also demonstrating that he had a history of inappropriate behavior towards another young man.

“Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Quigley continued to deny any wrongdoing, but was convicted by the jury. I want to commend the victim and the key witnesses for their bravery and support in helping the CPS bring this child molester to justice.

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