C of E and the Roman Catholic Church to provide school leadership qualifications


The Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church have been appointed to jointly provide the new school leadership qualifications for teachers.

Working in partnership, churches will deliver the new Reformed qualifications to schools across the country. Together, the two churches currently operate a third of the schools in England.

The New National Professional Qualifications (NPQ), which are voluntary, provide training for teachers in different areas of school leadership, including leadership and special education.

Churches are expected to work with up to 2,500 teachers per year. All dioceses of the Church of mainland England will be involved in the program, and the focus will be on involving teachers from rural schools. Teachers from any school, not just denominational schools, will be able to enroll in church-run NPQs.

Eight other providers have also been selected by the government to offer the new NPQs, including Teach First, the Ambition Institute and the UCL Institute of Education.

Church of England Director of Education Reverend Nigel Genders and Catholic Education Service Director Paul Barber said the new NPQs put “teacher excellence at the heart of our recovery from challenges. challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic ”, and represented a“ radical shift in leadership thinking ”that would put excellence in education first.

In a joint statement welcoming the government’s announcement of the new providers, they said: “Whether it’s teaching a mixed-age class in a small rural primary school, or leading a large MAT [multi-academy trust] in a region or country, our first call for educational leadership is to put education first.

“While there are many other aspects of our roles, these can sometimes confuse or distract us from that primary goal of ensuring the best teaching experience for every child in our care. And that means leadership based on authenticity, integrity, and a renewed sense of vision and purpose. “

The Education Ministry said its top nine suppliers had been “selected through a fair and open procurement process” and would be subject to quality assurance through Ofsted inspection, “to ensure the best support for schools and teachers ”.

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