Cathedral Catholic High has new start date following COVID delay


Out of what they call an abundance of caution, Cathedral Catholic High School’s first day of class has been delayed by a week.

The school had planned to open this next Monday. But a notice was sent to parents on Wednesday stating that “due to a COVID-19 situation that has affected several stakeholders on campus, we have no choice but to delay the start of the school year.”

Cathedral Catholic High has new start date following COVID delay

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Kevin Eckery, spokesperson for the Diocese of San Diego, confirmed to KPBS that a staff member tested positive following a staff orientation.

This person has no symptoms, but has been in contact with several others. On the advice of the county health department, the school determined 10 additional staff members needed to isolate.

“During the isolation of the people, there just weren’t enough qualified staff to open the school on time,” Eckery said.

He said the new CCHS start date was Monday August 23.

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However, in-person orientation for new students will continue as planned next Tuesday.

Eckery said he was fully convinced the school year would be a success. He said last year they had less than 200 positive cases out of 15,000 students attending Catholic schools in the diocese.

“Only four people managed to catch COVID at school. So all the work we were doing with social distancing and masks in school really paid off. “

VIDEO: Cathedral Catholic High has new start date after COVID delay

About 20 Catholic schools in the diocese are expected to start school on Monday. Eckery said COVID measures will remain at the forefront.

He also said they were following the state’s new vaccination policy and encouraged all staff to get vaccinated.

“I can’t think of anything more Christian or Catholic to do but keep the needs of family friends and vulnerable strangers in mind,” he said.

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