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Two near-death experiences brought Michael Jackson face to face with angels and Jesus

Posted: October 7, 2021

Aprille Hanson Spivey

Michael Jackson, 67, is seen after mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Little Rock on September 29, the Feast of the Archangels. He had two life-changing near-death experiences.

Little Rock parishioner Michael Jackson of St. Andrew’s Cathedral knows angels exist. Beyond faith or a simple feeling, he lived the love of Christ and the angels, face to face, with two experiences of near death.

“They are definitely here,” Jackson said, his voice soft but with conviction, as his eyes wept as he spoke to the Arkansas Catholic after Mass on Sept. 29, the feast of the archangels. “I think everyone probably really has a Guardian Angel. Saint Michael is my patron saint.”

Aged 67, married with two children, he has served as a choir for daily mass at the cathedral for about six years and a knight of the Holy Sepulcher for 11 years. He prays daily to Saint Michael the Archangel, who has been by his side in a way he would never have imagined.

‘It was beautiful’

Born and raised in Morrilton, Jackson is a Catholic birthplace who grew up attending the Church of the Sacred Heart.

A man of science and faith, he spent 47 years as a nurse in the operating room and intensive care, especially in the US Navy. Lost causes were his specialty.

“I’ve had a number of patients, people were abandoning them and wanting to withdraw care, and I always refused. I never gave up,” Jackson said.

After a long battle with heart disease that resulted in dozens of procedures and over 60 stents, Jackson would soon be just that kind of patient.

“With my first angioplasty, I had a near-death experience” in 1991, Jackson said.

As stories of near-death experiences line bookstore shelves or appear in a Google search today, Jackson said at the time that he shared his story with only those closest to him. him.

“I did some research. At the time, you couldn’t talk about it, period. People would think we were crazy,” he said.

During his procedure, Jackson began to experience severe pain. The doctor urged him to be still.

“He said, ‘Well, if you don’t stay still you’re going to be dead. The catheter is stuck’” in the valve, Jackson said. “The next thing I knew, I was over my operating table, my eyes down, and the doctor was yelling at the nurse because she had the wrong catheter size.”

“From there, suddenly, there was an angel with me, coming up. It was magnificent. There is an aroma that I still smell; I generally felt it” during the consecration at mass or during of extreme physical pain, Jackson said, stopping to hold back tears. He tried to identify the scent, the smell of flowers and various scents, but it cannot be reproduced.

The angel by his side, Jackson said, was winged and “massive.”

“Very beautiful. His eyes were different from Christ’s. I always assumed it was Michael because it is Michael who will transport you, present you before God when we die,” he said.

In Heaven, he was told that there were people he was supposed to see, including his mother and a great uncle he had never met. Jackson admits it’s hard to fully describe what he saw, as nothing on earth compares.

“I was finally told, ‘You have to go back’ after I got there. I said ‘Why can’t I stay?’ “It’s not your time. You’ll know when your time comes, ”Jackson said.

January 2, 2014

Jackson went on with his life and became a member of the cathedral in 1995. He battled melanoma twice, and during his treatment in 2013 saw a vision of St. Michael behind him, with the numbers “12 14” appearing on Jackson’s forehead. . Working on New Years Eve 2013 at UAMS in Little Rock, Jackson showed an intern how to remove vital signs from the ECG monitor and used himself as a guinea pig. He had chest pain and the monitor was showing blockages in all of the major arteries. He was kept under observation.

“I sleep and the angel reappears,” Jackson said in a dream, along with the numbers. “And it’s not 12-14; it’s 1-2-14.” He underwent five-fold bypass surgery on January 2, 2014.

In the years that followed, there was nothing more that could be done to save her heart. He would need a transplant. “The only thing that was in my schedule was daily Mass because I didn’t have a future to go to,” Jackson said. “I could die any day.”

There were times when the pain would get so intense that he would go and throw up during mass but come back to the altar.

All we have to do is go to the consecration, he said to himself.

Too weak to continue, Jackson served at his last mass on September 29, 2019, the Feast of Saints. Michel, Gabriel and Raphaël.

Without fear

The following month, on October 25, 2019, Jackson learned he was going to receive a heart transplant in Missouri. But again, things didn’t go as planned. He could not be woken up after the operation due to the stress on his heart.

“I was about to die,” Jackson said. “So Father (Jack) Vu (former rector) called a group of people here at the cathedral. They dedicated the precious blood and took it to Kansas City,” to St. Luke’s Hospital on October 31 .

“I am with Jesus. He is as bright as the sun,” he said with a long pause. resting on his lips, he woke up.

“By four hours, I was out of everything,” Jackson said.

Quoting the 2010 book “Heaven is For Real”, about the near death experience of a young boy, Jackson said that the only picture he has seen that looks like Christ is the same one the boy has. said to be him, painted by a young girl in Ukraine.

“When you look at the face of Christ, you are not looking at anything else,” Jackson said. “They are the eyes more than anything.”

Jackson, who hopes to write a book about his experiences, has acclimated to his new heart, which he nicknamed Boudreaux, since he was from Louisiana. Even with all the uncertainty in the world, especially in recent years, Jackson said he was at peace.

“I’m not scared,” Jackson said. “I know God is always with me.

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