Catholic Church calls on Glasgow abuse survivors to share their experiences for independent scrutiny


The Glasgow Catholic Church has called on abuse survivors within the church to get in touch and tell leaders “where they went wrong”.

Bosses in the Archdiocese of Glasgow say they want to hear from people with “first-hand experience” about how reports of abuse have been handled and what “can be done” to improve the process there. ‘to come up.

It will be part of a major independent review during the month of November that is being led by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCEI).

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A spokesperson for the Archdiocese said: “This is a real attempt to listen and learn.

“The Social Care Institute is a completely independent body that will conduct this month-long audit. The Archdiocese will have no other role than to help communicate that the audit is taking place and that the external team wants to hear. directly to survivors of abuse.

“The Social Care Institute wants to understand what is happening today and what went wrong in the past.

“They examine the responses of those in diocesan roles to knowledge of abuse by clergy or risks posed by clergy and others in Church-related, paid or volunteer roles.

“Although the audit focuses on the past five years, we recommend that anyone with experience in how we have handled abuse complaints go directly to SCIE staff. No one at any level in the Church will be told they are participating.

“What are they telling you? SCIE will be confidential and will not be shared with the Archdiocese except as part of a comprehensive report that will identify absolutely no individual.”

Dr Sheila Fish, Audit and Review Manager for SCIE, said: “We want to understand what is working well and where there are problems. We want to hear from people with first-hand experience of how those in diocesan roles have responded to disclosures of abuse or shared concerns. ”

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When the work is completed, the Archdiocese will publish the report and copies will be made available to survivors.

Anyone wishing to share their experience should contact SCIE directly by email at [email protected] or by phone at 07921 251614. SCIE will then contact you to arrange a time to report to the auditors in a manner that suits each individual.

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