Christianity divided by census


It annoys me that, census after census, my religion, Christianity, is not listed as an option (“What the religion question actually measures in the census”, August 1). I am a member of the United Church, but it is not my religion. It is the denomination of the Christian religion to which I am affiliated. Perhaps if the question about religion on the census form did not divide us into denominations, more people would be willing to simply say that they are Christians. Tower Meredith Williams, Northmead

I remain disturbed by the lingering erroneous question on religion in the census. “Anglican” and “Catholic” are not and never have been religions. They are denominations of the Christian religion. As a committed Christian, I would provide false information to answer Anglican or Catholic or Baptist. If ABS really wants to know my religious affiliation, this is what it needs to ask, not an incorrect question about my religion that does not collect the information it wants. Grant Robinson, Spring wood

Get hits, arm in arm

What a brilliant and entertaining recording of his conversation with Ray Hadley by Peter FitzSimons (“My Conversation with Ray Hadley about Alan Jones Deceived,” August 1). Hadley made an important point when he told FitzSimons that “We are at a pivotal moment in our history. We must be united and Jones divides us ”.

Now that Labor has had a day in the field with Scott Morrison’s slow start to vaccinations, they can surely join the people who are doing all they can to persuade 80% of us to get vaccinated like our best weapon to combat this. nasty virus. Geoff Hinds, Merrylands

Textbook favoritism

Vaccines have been reallocated to deliver doses to grade 12 students in Greater Sydney to get them back to school because “we don’t want students to contract the virus and take it home to their families,” said Premier Gladys Berejiklian (“Regional NSW Left Scared Like Pfizer Hijacked,” Aug 1). However, believing that the vaccine does exactly that is apparently not enough when it comes to people who have been fully vaccinated does not enjoy special privileges, because, according to Ms Berejiklian, “if you are vaccinated and you walk around the community, you can still give it to other people who are not vaccinated ”. These are the kinds of mixed messages that make us throw our hands up in despair.
Alicia Dawson, Balmain

The regional areas being devoid of Pfizer for Sydney, those in the center-west who booked to receive their Pfizer were offered AstraZeneca or nothing. With Sydney residents fleeing lockdown for regional areas, those residing in regional areas are rightly concerned with the decision-making of a city-centered government. Apparently, people living in rural and regional areas are of less value to the NSW community. Bruce Clydsdale, Bathurst

Once again, a half-baked plan emerges with the decision to vaccinate HSC students in LGA hotspots with Pfizer vaccine just a week before the start of exam trials.

First, the recommended two-week time frame for optimal antibody response is one week less. Second, partially vaccinated students will mix with other students who are not able to get the same Pfizer vaccine. Third, many schools in the inner suburbs of Greater Sydney attract students from these LGAs to the hotspot, which increases the risk for other unvaccinated students when they travel long distances on public transport to get to school. .

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