Humanity A common aspect between Islam and Christianity: bishop

TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Lebanese bishop points out the similarities between Islam and Christianity, citing humanity as one of them.

Bishop Matthias Charles Georges Mrad made the remarks in an exclusive interview with the International Koran Press Agency (IQNA) on the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ (AS).

Establishing a dialogue between Christians and Muslims should be based on mutual acceptance and on researching issues that make us more united and avoid problems of division, said the chairman of the Episcopal Committee for Islamic Dialogue. Christian in Lebanon.

Although Christians and Muslims have different beliefs and views, they are similar when it comes to humanity and mercy, he pointed out.

Christians are aware of Muslims’ respect for Jesus Christ (AS) and see him as a major figure, however, there are differences between the status of Jesus in Christianity and in Islam, he added.

Muslims’ appreciation for Jesus causes Christians to have a positive view of Muslims and see them as brothers and not enemies, the bishop said.

Asked about the commonalities between the two denominations, the bishop noted that humanity is the most important common aspect and if we lose it, religion and ethics will also be lost.

Humanity A common aspect between Islam and Christianity: bishop

Love is divine counsel for all religions, he said, noting that meeting a family member and helping the poor are among other commonalities between the two religions.

Designating the committee he heads, the bishop said the committee is made up of Catholic bishops from Lebanon and aims to establish a dialogue with Islam. It builds bridges by discussing issues that can lead to increased unity, he said.


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