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David Stanton’s August 19 letter to the editor identified the motivation behind the seizure of money by the Diocese of Rochester and some of the scams used to earn and keep that money. In summary, Stanton points out that the hierarchy holds a lot of money and receives taxpayer money in addition to the money they must distribute for the hierarchy’s criminal behavior involving sexual abuse.

Most Catholics and non-Catholics know this to be the case even if they don’t know the details. For this reason alone, most people do not view bishops as leaders and teachers, including Catholics loyal to the church. Almost all bishops are guilty of this criminal behavior, if not explicitly in the sin itself, then in concealment or for that matter by remaining silent.

But to make matters worse, the hierarchy abrogated Church teachings undermining their own authority and forcing the faithful to seek spiritual or psychological nourishment elsewhere.

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So today the hierarchy finds itself in a leadership role, without any credibility with anyone Catholic or otherwise in its ability to teach and lead.

The picture is rather gloomy, because to change, it will take humility on the part of the bishops who believe themselves to be smarter, more spiritual, more powerful and richer than those around them.

But suppose the hierarchy has stopped receiving government money and has been scattered out of the imagination of its own minds. What would it look like locally?

The diocese would stop blaming the bishops who reigned before for the failures that are happening now. Certainly, some problems belong to the predecessor, but not all. Not anymore. It’s been seven years.

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The diocese would allow the abuse cases to progress from the victims and in this way, to resolve the real cases and to gain the much needed goodwill.

The diocese would complete the canonization of Fulton Sheen, restore faith and a good education in the diocese.

The bishop spoke directly to people with his concerns and thoughts. Then he listened to the concerns and thoughts of the people and worked with them for the betterment of the diocese.

No more rump advice manipulated with up front conclusions, no more one-day notice meetings, no more scripted or filibustered meetings, no more blame for worshipers and stop using homilies as chairs of bullies .

Seek Christ not Mammon.

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