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Fr. Sean weeks

Book loaned by a priest to the archbishop
Father Sean Weeks, Pastor of St. Pius X Parish in Northwest Portland, read the book “From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age”. He found Mgr. James Shea was writing about ideas he had pondered for a decade, so he gave a copy to Archbishop Alexander Sample. “Moving into an apostolic age made perfect sense to me, going back to how these early apostles were taught by our Lord to minister. ”
Father Weeks hopes the new model will break down silos within the church and put everyone on the same page, bringing people to Jesus.
Archbishop Sample receives many reading recommendations, but during the pandemic he took the time to read Msgr. Shea’s book and was captivated. Now the Archbishop is using the book to energize the church in western Oregon. Each priest received a free copy.
“One of the things the Holy Spirit says in church today is that the time for living in the gray is over – by that I mean that place of ambiguity and maybe riding on the fence. with culture and our life in Christ, ”said the Archbishop. said to future seminarians during a retreat in January. “The church is moved to a point of decision. “
The Archbishop urged the seminarians to be courageous. He admires many Catholics in Portland, people who have been “tested in the furnace” of secular culture and who have emerged with a strong, outward-looking faith. He presents them as examples for all.
“Are we going to be disciples of Jesus Christ? He asked. “Are we going to commit ourselves to him with our whole life, soul, spirit and strength and be his witnesses?” Or are we going to surrender and just go to the world and blow where the winds blow? “
– Ed Langlois

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