‘Simply amazing’ – Cathedral guides and hosts seek to share joyful ministry

JUDY Harris took on a role with the guides and hosts at St. Stephen’s Cathedral because she thought “it would be a great thing to do in retirement.”

She transitioned into the volunteer role after a 50-year career in nursing at Redcliffe.

She loved every minute of it.

“I was amazed by the variety of people (who come to the cathedral) and I was amazed by the people on the street,” she said.

She said last month she was on duty at the cathedral when a woman sleeping rough entered the cathedral asking for a visit.

“We did a full tour of the cathedral with her because she wanted to,” she said.

“I thought – this is just amazing; that she would like to – she was not Catholic, she came from the street – but she wanted to take a look.

She said that even on a slow day in the city, there was always something to do in the job – “you never know who will walk through that door”.

She said the training she received prepared her to help anyone who came through the door.

Cathedral guides and host organizers have announced an information day for those interested in joining the group.

The information day will take place on April 28 at 9:30 a.m. in the Hanly room of the cathedral enclosure.

Cathedral guides and reception chair Dr Barbara Reynolds-Hutchinson said they were looking for anyone with some spare time and a desire to learn.

She said the entire training period, which was 8 weeks one Thursday a week, was “accompaniment” time.

There would always be someone with you to guide and mentor you through the process, she said.

Fellow guide and greeter David Todd said he liked the feeling of being part of a team with the guides and greeters.

He said that after his retirement he looked for a way to feel like part of a team again, and the guides and hosts at the cathedral fulfilled that role for him.

He said they also had a great time and with a few retired caterers on their team, their group events were always “well fueled”.

Anyone interested in joining St Stephen’s Guides and Hosts can contact Carmel Devery at [email protected] or (07) 3324 3030 by 29th January for training to start on 5th February.

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