St Mary of Barrow Roman Catholic Church sees super brains gather in quiz

Super brains abounded at St Mary’s Church Hall in Barrow in 1991 when the youth group held an annual quiz.

Trophies for the winning senior and junior teams were presented by Mayor Cllr Rose Hamezeian and Mayor Brenda Wade.

Liam Waiting made a presentation overnight to Sister Loreto Walsh, who was leaving the parish to work in Dublin.

In 2005 The Mail reported that St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church on Duke Street was to inherit £923,527 from the estate of the late William McDowell, formerly of Newbiggin.

He left an estate valued at £1,008,527, with bequests including £50,000 to Save the Children and £1,000 to the Samaritans.

But most of the estate had been left to St Mary’s, on the condition that an annual mass would be said for Mr McDowell’s late wife Margaret, mother Agnes, father William and brother Edward and Elsie Smith.

Mr McDowell grew up in the Hindpool area, where his mother ran a confectionery on Walney Road.

He left St Mary’s School at the age of 14 and was apprenticed as an electrician at the shipyard. He became a successful builder and letting agent who was credited with building half of Newbiggin’s houses.

After his marriage he built a house in Newbiggin for his wife Margaret. The couple were married until his death more than 10 years previously.

His cousin Molly McSkimmings, 79, of Clifford Street, Barrow, who was also a parishioner of St Mary’s, described him as a pious and hardworking man.

The Bishop of Lancaster, the Most Reverend Patrick O’Donoghue, said: “I am absolutely delighted as there is so much work to be done in the parish and in the church.

“We are immensely grateful to him for thinking of us and it will help the work of the parish and the church in Barrow immensely.”

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