The bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral ring for Ukraine + video links

St. Paul – Photo by Bill Eccles on Unsplash

Source: Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

The bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, along with those of Durham Cathedral, rang for 15 minutes on Sunday (4 p.m. London time) along with church bells in Lviv. More churches and cathedrals across the UK and Europe – including Paris, Cologne, Madrid, Vienna and Berlin have joined.

The European Association of Master Cathedral Builders said churches “from Norway to Malta and from Spain to Ukraine” have participated.

“Europe is burning. With the bell we pray for all those affected by this war. With the bell we pray for peace.”

The Most Reverend Kenneth Nowakowski, Bishop of the Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of London, said: “We are very grateful to the community of St Paul’s Cathedral, London, for praying today during the evening liturgy. (Vespers) for the people of Ukraine, for peace in Ukraine and for those fleeing danger to other countries of refuge The ringing of the historic bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is a true sign of solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in these darkest hours.

During the sermon delivered by the Reverend David Ison, Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, two sentences were particularly moving and inspiring for the Ukrainian community in London and abroad:

“It is not just encounters with people that can touch us and change us. At the end of this service, some of us will come out to hear the cathedral bells ring in solidarity with the church bells of Lviv, in western Ukraine, ringing at the same time: and we are happy to have here with us representatives of the Ukrainian churches and government.”

“Today we ring the bells in solidarity with Ukraine, not just to call for justice and peace, not just to warn us of the dangers we face. We ring the bells to call us to meet God to lay before God our fears and hopes and to pray for those in Lviv and across Ukraine who face violence and war.”

Watch films from St. Paul’s Cathedral on the ICN Facebook page:

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