The chief imam did not violate any Islamic laws in the donation of the cathedral – Sheikh Aremeyaw

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, National Chief Imam

The national chief imam, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharabutu, did not break any Islamic laws by donating to the national cathedral project, said Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu, spokesperson for the national chief imam.

He said the donation was a sign of mutual respect, solidarity and cooperation between Muslims and Christians in Ghana.

The national chief imam has been criticized by some Ghanaians, especially members of Muslim communities, for donating to the project.

For example, a former Ghanaian high commissioner to Namibia and Botswana, Amb. Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Harruna Attah said the national chief imam was wrong in his decision to contribute to the national cathedral project.

He said the act would taint the reverent status of the national chief imam, although it is his prerogative to do so and he should not be denied the right to express it.

Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu made the contribution of 50,000 GH ¢ on Thursday August 26th.

Ambassador Haruna Attah said, “As I finished this syndication, the whole question of the Cursed Cathedral was wide open with the announcement that the National Chief Imam (NCI) had donated a certain amount. silver at the Christocentric Nana Addo building.

“As a citizen, it is his prerogative and he should not be denied the right to express it, but then, other citizens should not be denied their right to ‘love’ or” either ” dislike “- apologies for social media jargon. But I disagree with him and his gesture is not representative of all Muslims in Ghana.

“With his hundred years, he was ennobled and his advisers should have protected him from acts that would mar his status of reverence. Now, they’ve opened it up to society’s beards, which is unfair. His advisers did him no good. I remember that many years ago, this same kind of malavis led him to be the guest of an event during which the organizers imperceptibly made him present an award linked to one of the breweries of the Ghana. I was there! The embarrassment was deep, undeserved and unfair!

” ” ” ” ” ” Without surprise,

“The National Chief Imamship is a creation of the Rawlings era. Long after its creation, the various imams, particularly from the North, were independent of the office.

“Christian denominations like the Catholic Church have more resources than Muslims. Did they make such a donation? This donation comes directly from Jubilee House and in particular from Dr Mahmud to strengthen his image in front of the church.

“Ahlus Sunnah only tolerates it but does not defer to it on matters of belief or rituals. They follow the Puritan Wahhabi Salafist version while the NCI opts for the more permissive and mystical Sufi school.

“His Muslim umma is suffering and begging in the street and he has this amount to give for the construction of a cathedral where he is also involved in politics.”

“With certainty. I don’t think the Honorable Chief Imam will stoop and donate for this type of project. His advisers will even oppose it.

Responding to a message on the Bonsoir program on Tuesday, August 31, to the effect that Muslim students need a scholarship to study but are still having difficulties, the Chief Imam donated this money which could have been used to support students, Sheikh Aremeyaw said that the Chie Imam did not give a scholarship to one or two people does not mean he did not help people.

“The national chief imam paid people’s medical bills, he paid people’s fees,” he said.

He added: “He is also building schools.

He quotes from Quran chapter 60: 7.9 and I want everyone to read it and understand its meaning. This particular test isn’t just about tolerance, it’s about empathetic relationship, which is why it talks about loving-kind treatment for those who don’t share your faith drive you out of your homes. For those of us who have studied at University, Comparative Study of Religions, I call on any religious activist to go and find out, in religious terms, when it comes to empathetic religious relationship, what that means.

“It is the most authentic relationship that we build that makes our relationship more meaningful in terms of the support we need and also from mutual respect to mutual solidarity and cooperation.”

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