Visit to St Mary’s Roman Catholic School in Ulverston with the Star Dome in 1995

There were stars in the eyes of students at St Mary’s Roman Catholic School in Ulverston in 1995 when they were visited by a star dome.

The specially designed dome was installed in the lobby by Daniel Elloway and Jacqueline Claisse of Inter-Action Star Dome, a London-based educational charity.

Children could enter the dome and see the night sky as they would in a planetarium.

Classes two and four were doing a flagship project and had also visited Jodrell Bank, near Manchester.

In 1996, over 2,000 people flocked to the annual parish gala held at St Mary’s Roman Catholic School in Springfield Road, Ulverston.

The huge crowd raised almost £ 3,000 for renovations and renovations to the Victoria Road School and Rectory.

A record 50 school teams across Furness took part in athletic competitions and there was also a good response from local youth for the Under-eight and Under-five races.

The winners of the Upper Junior football competitions were Pennington C of E School, near Ulverston, which won the Craig Wilkinson Trophy.

The finalists were Allithwaite School.

The Allithwaite School did better in the lower junior football competition, short of Scott Trophy winners, with finalists from the George Romney School of Dalton.

The netball champions were the Sacred Heart School, of Barrow, which won the Glaxo Chem Trophy.

The finalists were the George Romney School in Dalton.

The winner of the lucky £ 100 program was Stephen Searle of Rowan Avenue, whose son David brought him luck by typing his number into the program’s computer entry list.

The previous year the event had raised £ 2,500, but gala organizers said £ 2,800 had already been raised shortly after the event and that figure could potentially exceed £ 3,000.

The money raised would be spent to provide new windows and doors to St Mary’s School and to rewire the church rectory.

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