Ministry Lending: What is it?

Our commercial real estate and ministry loans are created to help your church to meet its financial requirements, regardless of the nature of the requirements.

No matter if your church, mission-sending institution, group school or para-church group we’re members of your group. We’re here at Bridge Payday to serve each of you so that we are able to achieve the same goal.

The Loan Specialists at your church

Creative Lending Solutions

Our knowledgeable team of ministry lenders understands that each loan is different. We spend time to fully understand the mission of your organization, its vision and purpose before we look at options that meet the needs that your church needs. We know that doing this is most beneficial for you.

Exceptional Service

We strive to offer exceptional service. Anything lower than that is not acceptable. We’ll:

  • Establish clear expectations for all involved so that you can ensure the process of loaning is as smoothly as it possibly can.
  • Be completely informed of every step of the process
  • Be sure to follow the timeline for your project Follow the timeline, and we’ll complete your loan as quickly as we can.

Our customized ministry loan programs will help your church or organization in constructing an expansion, upgrade facilities, purchase facilities or refinance debts using low interest. Whatever your borrowing needs could be, we’ll in a position to help.

Account Types

Ministry Real Estate Loans

Ministry Lines of Credit

If your business is seeing a decline in donations in the summer months, opening an account credit through the credit union might be helpful. We provide Ministry Line of Credit programs are designed to aid our members with the fluctuation of seasons in their ministries.

Share Secured Loans

Share Secured Loans provide ministers the possibility of borrowing against the funds they are holding stored in deposit in the credit union at extremely low rates. This loan can help you to increase the amount of money you can use to your business.

Term Lending

Sometimes your ministry needs funds quickly. This is why term loans could be a great option. With low interest rates and no requirement for collateral terms loans provide the fastest option to secured real property loans. They also come with shorter time frames. You will save money on interest.

Car Credit

We provide car loans with flexible terms and the possibility of a reduced interest rate. A loan option from us can help your church purchase the shuttle bus, shuttle, or whatever other vehicle will be required.

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